Working Together

If you'd like to expand or remodel your home, your architect is your guide.

What does your checklist of needs look like?

  • □  more space
  • □  new kitchen
  • □  family room
  • □  another bathroom
  • □  master bedroom
  • □  in-law accommodations
  • □  more storage space
  • □  other features

You may have an idea about the way these changes will fit into your home's current layout, or you may need help imagining how to achieve your goals. My role is to understand and document your needs in detail, develop and present one or more possible design solutions, and then work with you to refine and develop one of these solutions into a buildable project. I then create drawings from which a builder can construct your new addition or do the remodeling work required. I can help you get construction bids and select a great builder. During the construction process, I stay in touch with you and the builder to ensure that the project meets your goals, stays on schedule, and comes in within budget.

Projects usually require building permits, often require the approval of your town's architectural review board, and sometimes require a zoning variance. I prepare all the necessary applications and attend town meetings as needed to make presentations and obtain approvals.

In short, I am your guide through a process that can be complex and daunting. I've helped many people on this journey, from defining needs to building the dream, and it would be a privilege to do so for you and your family. Please call me today to get started.

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